Market news – Week 4, January 2023

Gold prices rose for a fifth straight week over hopes of slower interest rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve. Read more in our report.

Market news – Week 3, January 2023

Bitcoin broke the 20,000 USD barrier on Saturday, 14 Jan, after oscillating between 16,000 USD and 17,000 USD for the past few weeks. Read more in our report.

Market news – Week 2, January 2023

Upbeat jobs data and expectations of a dovish stance to interest rates by the US Federal Reserve helped stocks end their bear run. Read more in our report.

Market news – Week 1, January 2023

Lower risk appetite in the last week of 2022 didn’t stop traders from buying the Japanese yen. However, the major US stock indices — the

Market news – Week 5, December 2022

The threat of sanctions against Russia by the European Union for the ongoing war in Ukraine, plus reduced production in the US due to the

Market news – Week 4, December 2022

An inevitable recession in the US, layoffs in the banking industry, and the looming threat of increasing Covid cases have continued to be causes of