Market news – Week 1, December 2022

Oil prices continued to slip after reduced demands from China, as the country attempts to contain Covid-19 outbreaks. Meanwhile, major cryptocurrencies showed signs of recovery

Market news – Week 4, November 2022

Markets in the United States were down for the week, unable to maintain the upward momentum that followed last week’s favourable Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Market news – Week 3, November 2022

The implosion at FTX — the cryptocurrency exchange once valued at USD 32 billion — sent ripples across the cryptocurrencies market, resulting in huge crashes

Market news – Week 2, November 2022

The Federal Reserve (Fed) hiked the federal funds rate by 75 bps last week at its November Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), affecting all sectors.

Market news – Week 1, November 2022

The United States’ economic growth entered positive territory after an initial estimate of its third-quarter Gross Domestic Product revealed a strong rebound, reversing the decrease

Market news – Week 4, October 2022

Even though volatility remains elevated, the financial markets’ performance in the last week offered a glimmer of hope. Forex Source: Bloomberg. Click to see full

Market news – Week 3, October 2022

Last week, the financial markets displayed a welcome resilience despite inflation data adding to traders’ concerns about future interest rate hikes. Forex Source: Bloomberg. Click

Market news – Week 2, October 2022

Global financial markets lost most of their early-week gains by the end of the week as a strong US employment report took centre stage. Forex

Market news – Week 1, October 2022

Last week, rising interest rates, extreme volatility in the currency and bond markets, and concerns about a recession fueled the uncertainty that plagued traders in

Market news – Week 4, September 2022

Bears dominated the financial markets for the second week in a row. Inflation numbers from the previous week paved the way for the interest rate

How to read stock market indices

A stock market index (or stock market indices if there is more than one) is a group of stocks used to measure the performance of

Market news – Week 3, September 2022

The financial markets saw a sharp change in trend from the previous week as inflation took centre stage. Overall, the financial markets traded in the

Market news – Week 2, September 2022

After a three-week losing streak, many markets saw gains last week as traders focused on Federal Reserve rate hikes, inflation, and the implications for the