Market news – Week 1, September 2022

Previously, Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell told traders at Jackson Hole that the Fed is committed to hiking interest rates and fighting inflation until it

Market news – Week 5, August 2022

The Jackson Hole speech indicated that it is too early for the Fed Reserve (Fed) to declare victory against inflation. The markets reacted to that

How to protect your online trading account

In this digital era, cybercrimes are widespread and easily committed. According to cybercrime statistics, an average of 2,244 cybercrimes happen daily.  Hackers and scammers use

Market news – Week 4, August 2022

A variety of new data released last week provided insight into the sentiments of the consumer. Despite high inflation, supply constraints, and Federal Reserve (Fed)

Market news – Week 3, August 2022

Last week, the July CPI (Consumer Price Index) and the PPI (Producer Price Index) results were released, and readings were lower than expected. Markets welcomed

Market news – Week 2, August 2022

The US non-farm payrolls report released last week was far better than predicted, driving the US dollar higher and relieving worries of a recession hitting

Debunking forex trading myths

You’ve probably heard many things about forex trading — some good, some bad. In this blog, we’ll focus on the most common myths and debunk

Market news – Week 1, August 2022

Financial markets experienced a triple whammy of data last week, which included the July Federal Reserve’s rate decision, the second-quarter’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) reading,

Benefits of forex trading

The forex market is not only the biggest financial market in the world, it is also one of the most accessible markets to trade on.

Market news – Week 4, July 2022

As financial markets embraced an improved global risk sentiment, several assets saw gains. However, traders are waiting for the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) results scheduled

Market news – Week 3, July 2022

The release of June’s Consumer Price Index data last week indicated that consumer inflation had accelerated to 9.1% in June – a pace not seen