An introduction to DTrader the trading platform

If a trading platform is simple and easy to use, does that mean it can only carry out basic functions? There are exceptions like DTrader – an excellent example of simplicity combined with functionality.

As a beginner, you can take advantage of DTrader’s user-friendly interface that encourages you to explore and enhance your trading skills. Alternatively, if you are an experienced trader, the platform’s various tools and features will help you refine your trading strategy.

Markets to trade

You can trade over 50 assets across forex, stock indices, and commodities within regular market hours. Additionally, you have access to the cryptocurrency market and Deriv’s synthetic indices trading around the clock.

Trade types available on DTrader

Depending on the market and asset you choose, there are two trade types available on DTrader — options and multipliers. Once you select an asset, you can check the trade types available for it.

Trade Types on D Trader

Options trading doesn’t require buying the underlying asset – you can earn payouts by correctly predicting the asset’s price movements. DTrader has three different options contract types — Ups & Downs, Highs & Lows, and Digits, giving you the freedom to select your strategy.

With multipliers trading you also don’t need to buy the underlying asset. Using multipliers is similar to trading with leverage, where you can multiply your potential profits. But unlike leveraged trading, where potential losses are also amplified, trading with multipliers limits your potential losses to your stake. Additionally, multipliers offer risk management features to help you trade responsibly.

How to use DTrader

To get started, your first step is creating a Deriv account.

Deriv Sign up Page.

You’ll see the DTrader dashboard right after logging in to your account. On the dashboard you can open a trade with your preferred asset, set your trade parameters, and modify or close your trade.

DTrader Dashboard

The platform also includes technical analysis tools to help you analyse the market price movements before you place your trade.

Technical Indicators on D Trader

On the platform’s menu bar you can find the following tabs:

Reports – displays your open positions, profit table, and account statement.

– Cashier – offers multiple options to deposit, withdraw, and transfer funds into your account.

– Account settings – provides access to your profile, password, security status, and more.

– Account info – displays all real and demo accounts you have created along with their balance.

Reports and Cashier on D Trader

Moving on, the footer has a few buttons that you may need while using DTrader:

– Date and Greenwich Mean Time – helps you keep track of the opening and closing time of the markets. Bringing your cursor over this tool will show your local time.

– Live chat – gives you instant access to our customer support representatives.

– Go to – takes you to our website.

– Responsible trading – provides tips for safe and responsible trading.

– Account limits – displays trading and withdrawal limits of your account.

– Help centre – features answers to commonly asked questions.

– Platform settings – gives you an option to change the visual and language settings of the platform.

Footer on D Trader

How DTrader enhances your trading experience

1. Minimum stake as low as 0.35 USD

The minimum stake varies depending on the market and asset and ranges from 0.35 USD to 1 USD. This gives beginners an opportunity to start trading and learn concepts in a practical and cost-effective way. Even if you start with low capital, you can still explore different trade types, markets, and strategies.

2. Contract duration as short as 1 second

DTrader is one of the very few platforms that allows you to place trades for durations as short as 1 second. In other words, if you are confident about how the market will move in just a few seconds, DTrader allows you to make a quick entry and exit. Besides that, DTrader offers you an opportunity to place multiple trades on different markets, and with different trade types simultaneously to potentially profit from small price fluctuations.

3. Risk management features

Risk management is an essential part of trading, and that applies even when you are trading without purchasing the asset. On DTrader, you can view your stake and payout correlation before placing the trade. This feature gives you a clear idea of how much you’ll earn if your prediction turns out to be correct, or how much you have to pay for a certain level of profit. Plus, multipliers include risk management features such as take profit, stop loss, and deal cancellation, allowing you to manage risks even more effectively.

At a glance, the DTrader platform has a well-spaced layout with a designated spot for every tool, allowing easy navigation. Plus, once you start using it, you’ll discover that it combines the simplicity beginner traders crave with the advanced options experienced traders prefer.

Test all the features on DTrader with a demo account loaded with 10,000 USD virtual money that you can use to trade instead of using your own funds.



Options trading, Volatility 100 (1s) Index, Stock indices trading and Commodities trading in the Dtrader Platform, and certain trading conditions described in this blog are not available for clients residing within the European Union or the United Kingdom.

Cryptocurrencies and Synthetic indices are not available to clients residing in the UK.